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Compassionate Communication Course

This course includes two-hour group sessions, practice sessions with other participants outside the class, a private coaching sessions option, and workbook exercises. You don't need a partner to join the course. More information can be found here. Check home page for dates/times.

This course is also offered to couples on a private basis should they wish to learn outside a group setting. (To receive notices about the upcoming course dates submit your email address above.)

The course is flexible enough for you to apply your learning to the following areas of your life:

Romantic relationships/marriages: Our romantic relationships and marriages often our the most challenging context to hold compassionate conversations. Read more about how the compassionate communication language will transform your romantic or marriage relationship.

Parent and Child Interactions: Many parents use the model to reconnect with their pre-teens and teens. Also, senior parents connecting to older adult children (and vice versa) to work through any life pain or long standing conflicts is a common application of compassionate communication.

Friends and Siblings: Sometimes our friendships and sibling relationships are fraught with things that are disturbing to us, but we don't speak up for fear of hurting feelings and losing friendships. Compassionate Communication will deepen these relationships and teach you how to speak honestly and gently.

Professional Support: Compassionate Communication is powerful tool for any helping and healing professional. At one point, this course was offered through MAHEC. Therapists/Counselors/Social Workers, Physicians and Nurses and Allied Healthcare workers all enjoyed the different way of communication with their patients/clients. More info.

Spiritual Practice: People on a spiritual path often use the compassionate communication training to make their language and speech more congruent with their spiritual aspirations.

After this compassionate communication course you can gain more fluency by doing the Inner Empathy work. The Inner Empathy work is taking the compassionate communication model and applying it internally.

9 Month Inner Presence Coaching Program

Do you want to learn to be a transformational coach, or you’re already a coach, therapist, spiritual teacher, healer and want learn a pioneering modality that combines the best of Eastern enlightenment wisdom with depth psychology? More Info.