One-To-One Coaching Sessions Either By Phone, Skype Video, or In-Person

Jerry Donoghue is available for private one-to-one session work with individuals. Any questions, please feel free to call 828-252-0538.

Private Session Coaching

Private session coaching can support a wide range of challenges people encounter in life. Everything from gaining clarity about a particular decision, working through mid-life changes and transitions, working with relationship patterns, talking to teens, working deeply with yourself at your core or supporting you on your spiritual path.

Many people who are not currently in a relationship find it valuable to do inner work to prepare them to have a different experience in the next relationship.

Listening, empathizing and supporting people to gain the clarity about what they need for whatever challenge they face is one level of coaching. This coaching method operates under the assumption that if people are deeply heard and their unconscious needs are teased apart and brought into awareness, they often have the resources to meet those challenges or to self correct.

Schedule Your Session Today!

Sorry, I do not accept insurance. To make an appointment, just call me at 828-252-0538 or e-mail me. Sessions can be done in-person in my Asheville office, via phone or Skype video.

If scheduling a phone/Skype session, payment needs to received 24 hours before the start of your session. If payment is not received 24 hours before the session start time, your time slot may be given to another person on my waiting list. Use the button below to pay by credit card.

To pay by check please send your check to the address below in time for it to be received before the start of the session. Make checks payable to Jerry Donoghue and send to: Jerry Donoghue 150 E. Chestnut St. #1 Asheville, NC, 28801

Single Session Time/Price